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The Untold Story: from a Liszt Student to a Virtuoso

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Adele aus de Ohe has at last found her biographer. LaWayne Leno writes about her with warmth and affection. His book draws us irresistibly into the world of this highly gifted pupil of Franz Liszt, and we, like the author, come to admire her extraordinary musicianship.We cannot help but marvel, too, at the shroud of neglect that descended on her career and obscured her from our view. Other students of Liszt who were her contemporaries - Friedheim, Sauer, Rosenthal, Lamond, and others - have long since entered the Pantheon. Mr. Leno must be thanked for bringing Adele aus der Ohe out of the shadows and, through his highly readable biography, returning her to their ranks.

— Alan Walker, author of the 3-volume prize-winning biography of Franz Liszt and Professor Emeritus of Music at McMaster University

A most welcome addition to the Lisztian bibliography. This well-documented, easy to read book brings to life a fascinating musician, someone who definitely deserves to be better known. LaWayne Leno’s elegant and accessible prose will definitely make Adele aus der Ohe a more familiar name in the piano world. Of particular interest are the extensive excerpts from newspapers, letters and other original documents; through them Mr. Leno paints a colorful and detailed picture of this fascinating period in the history of music. The contemporary descriptions of her playing, sometimes bordering on poetic, make us become almost a part of her enthusiastic audiences.

Alexandre Dossin, concert pianist, American Liszt Society Board of Directors, Professor of Piano at the University of Oregon School of Music

A fascinating, inspiring, and well-documented narrative about the life and career of a major figure in the annals of pianism. Aus der Ohe has been unjustly forgotten, and this volume finally brings us her story against a vivid historical background.

Donald Manildi, Curator, International Piano Archives at Maryland (IPAM)

...I truly enjoyed meeting this great pianist and, even if you are not the biography type, I think you will too. La Wayne finds a great balance between story telling and documentation. The dramatic story of how Adele rose to the height of fame and then lost her place in American pianistic history in post war Berlin is quite moving...

Gail Fischler, Piano Addict blog

…a must for anyone interested in music and musical performance in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Charlotte Mueller, Piano Faculty, Lee College, Texas

The name of Adele aus der Ohe...has all but slipped from even the footnotes of the piano's history. This is unjust, for she was for a quarter of a century hailed as one of the greatest living pianists... There is no need for a second biography of Aus der Ohe but I am heartily glad of this one.... Leno has put pianophiles in his debt with this labour of love, rescuing from oblivion a lioness of the keyboard. (more…)

Jeremy Nicholas, International Piano magazine, London, UK


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