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The Untold Story: from a Liszt Student to a Virtuoso

Adele aus der Ohe

"Imagine a musical artist who plays the biggest American venues, who gets rave reviews wherever she goes, who plays with the biggest stars of her day. Then she disappears…" Susan Barnett, WAMC, New York

She was a child prodigy, playing her debut concert at age ten. By age twelve, she became a student of Franz Liszt. As a performer and composer, she was a true superstar. She played with Tchaikovsky at Carnegie Hall, performed fifty-one times with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and toured throughout the world. Yet today she is unknown. This is the remarkable story of Adele aus der Ohe.

In this first-ever biography, Adele aus der Ohe is revealed through personal letters, newspaper articles, and poetry. This provocative and forgotten story tells of the glories and struggles of an artist, a female artist, at the turn of the 20th century.

What people are saying:

"Adele aus de Ohe has at last found her biographer. LaWayne Leno writes about her with warmth and affection. His book draws us irresistibly into the world of this highly gifted pupil of Franz Liszt…" (more…)

— Alan Walker, Author of the 3-volume prize-winning biography of Franz Liszt and Professor Emeritus of Music at McMaster University

"…This well-documented, easy to read book brings to life a fascinating musician, someone who definitely deserves to be better known…" (more…)

Alexandre Dossin, concert pianist, American Liszt Society Board of Directors, Professor of Piano at the University of Oregon School of Music

A fascinating, inspiring, and well-documented narrative about the life and career of a major figure in the annals of pianism…" (more…)

Donald Manildi, Curator, International Piano Archives at Maryland (IPAM)

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The Author

Author: LaWayne LenoLaWayne Leno studied piano with Belle Mehus and her sister, Alma Mehus-Studness, both students of Adele aus der Ohe. It has long been his goal to revive the memory of this important artist, and restore her status as an important figure in music history. (more…)


Book of the Year Silver AwardNews! The book received a Silver Medal at the Foreword Book of the Year awards in the Performing Arts category! (more…)

International Piano Choice!A rare "Red Seal Choice" by International Piano magazine! (more…)